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Become a Cultural Grants Juror

The Cultural Grants program is a juried process. We are very grateful to the members of the Oakville community who participate as jurors - we can't do it without them!  Jurors spend a significant amount of time and thought on this process which is designed to assess and allocate funds to arts and culture organizations operating in the Town of Oakville. We hope that this information will be helpful and encourage members of the arts and culture community to consider participating as a juror.

Oakville Arts Council

The Oakville Arts Council is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that serves a membership of artists, arts organizations, and the general public in Oakville. We believe the arts are vital to achieving a healthy, innovative and vibrant community. By enabling local artists and arts organizations and encouraging participation in the arts we enrich the creative life of our town. 

Each year the Town of Oakville provides a funding envelope to be distributed through operating and project grants available to qualified not-for-profit arts and cultural organizations. The Oakville Arts Council, on behalf of the Town of Oakville, administers the Cultural Grants Program through the Cultural Grants Review Committee. This role is structured as a part of our legal agreement with the Town of Oakville.

Applications are reviewed by an arm’s length Grants Review Committee, convened by the Oakville Arts Council. The committee is responsible for making recommendations on the distribution of Town of Oakville grants to cultural organizations. Recommendations are presented to the Oakville Arts Council’s Board of Directors; the Town’s Budget Committee and Town Council approve the total amount of the funding envelope.

Committee Structure & Formation

Merit-based, peer-evaluated, independent adjudication is the method used to disperse the public funds provided by the Town of Oakville.

The Chair of the committee must be a member of the Oakville Arts Council Board of Directors, be appointed by and report to, the Oakville Arts Council Board of Directors.

Staff representation from the Oakville Arts Council and the Town of Oakville serve as resources to the Committee and are non-voting members.

Jury Selection

Nominations for the remaining positions on the committee are sought from the community-at-large. Individuals with a demonstrated knowledge of arts and culture in Oakville and/or expertise in a particular artistic discipline, genre or practice are sought for this role.

Jurors represent a broad range of perspectives and people with expertise in the arts. The OAC strives to compose a jury whose experience and expertise reflects the disciplines represented in the range of applications.

Grant Review Committee members must be arm’s length from any applicant organization.  The term “at arm’s length” describes a relationship where persons act independently of each other or who are not related to any organization that is applying (as board members or others that may directly gain from the grant).

Jurors are asked to declare any conflicts of interest they may have with respect to any applications before the committee.

Conflict of interest may arise in any situation where a juror, juror’s family member of juror’s organization could obtain material or personal gain from an application or applicants under review.

Jurors are paid an honorarium for their participating in the process. When the jury meets in person, meals are provided.


The Cultural Grants Review Committee meets approximately three times per year; once to approve final reports in September/October and once to review applications and assign allocations, usually in November/December. Depending on the volume, a second meeting for allocations is sometimes necessary. Meeting duration varies depending on the number of applications, but sessions can generally be expected to last 4 hours each and sometimes longer during the allocations process.

Meeting dates, times and locations will be set as far in advance as possible. It is important to begin meetings on time so that adequate attention is given to the process. It is vital that jurors attend meetings.

If you would like to be considered as an OAC juror, please complete the form here. If you know someone whom you would like to recommend, please encourage them to send in their information.  Personal information collected on this form will be used in the selection process and for administrative purposes.

Please contact Bernadette Ward at for more information or assistance with form completion.

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