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COVID Tales Package

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Books include: COVID Tales, More COVID Tales, and COVID Tales: Variants of No Concern. We are a rather odd combination. An old Lady of 92 and a young artist with Autism. These little stories were written for Tsochoy, to encourage him to use his gift during this pandemic. I now realize how much I love writing fables. They grow from an inspired word, to a sentence, to a poem. When I reach the last line, they all seem to jump together, and I find out what it is all about. What amazes me is how Tsochoy turns my words into characters: people, birds, turtles, and even a giraffe. He arrived at my studio in 2012 as a co-ed student. His imagination was filled with beings of another world. We compromised. He drew from reality. He chose and studied famous artists, interpreting their paintings in his own way. He learned to draw on a computer with a bablet. Art is his life, his reality nothing can stop him. Not even COVID-19. - Sybil Rampen, author Note: Price includes shipping with Canada

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