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Vendor Information Page

Date: November 26th until December 16th, 2022

Location: Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville, Ontario

Participant/Booth Fee: $150 (a 10% discount for OAC members). Booth fees will be due upon approval of applications after the application deadline (October 14, 2022)

Booth Sizes:

  • Booth 1: 8' x 6' with accompanying wall space, suitable for visual artists
  • Booth 2: 8' x 6' in centre of gallery, suitable for ceramists, jewelry artists and other who will want to use a plinth or  cases for their products.
  • Booth 3: 8' x6' window facing, no wall space

Set-up Dates: November 24 & 25th

Knock-down Dates: December 17th & 18th

Parking: There is no cost for parking at QEPCCC.

Additional Costs: The OAC will process all payments on site. Artists will receive the full amount of each sale, less the Square processing fee of 2.9% per transaction.

General Information:

  • All pricing should include HST. The OAC will not collect or process HST on behalf of participants.
  • Artists will provide their own table (sized to suit your needs but no larger than 5') and black or branded table cloth
  • Artists are welcome/encouraged to brand their booth
  • If you will be using a booth with wall space, please ensure adequate stock so that the walls in the gallery are not bare during the sale and exhibition
  • Although the gallery will be manned during the times designated for sales, it is advisable for artists with small works to consider the use of a plinth or case for these items
  • Each artist/artisan is expected to participate in the manning of the gallery (the number of hours will be based on how many participants there are).
  • OAC staff will provide a laptop, payment terminal, printer for detailed receipts as well as bags for small to medium purchases

Contact Information:

If you have questions, please contact Alison Myers-Gomez at alison.oakvillearts@gmail.com or 905-815-5977.

Apply now to participate as a vendor. 

Phone: (905) 815-5977  |  Email: bward@oakville.ca  |  Address: 2302 Bridge Road, Oakville, ON, L6L 2G6

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